CLAUDE HOPPER’s debut CD "Four in the Morning
" (released in 2001) is a roots rockin' sonic adventure. Filled with the intertwined sounds of rich acoustic and lush overdriven electric instruments, and the rough hewn vocal delivery of singer/songwriter David Cowan, the record oozes with vibe. The songs on the record have been described as "Big slices of Americana Pie."

Santa Barbara, California-based Claude Hopper features producer David Cowan as the principal songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. The Claude Hopper line-up also features John McInnes on the bass guitar, Andy Webb on lead guitar, Michael Rivers on the drum kit, and Chris Ulep on keyboards. Shows often feature guest appearances by some of the crew who played on the record including Alastair Greene on lead and slide guitar, and Chris Cairns on banjo. Claude Hopper flows with the sounds of alternafolk-truckrockin'-countrifried-bluesy music.

Claude Hopper is currently wood shedding … so to speak… at various sheds in Santa Barbara. Working on new material for a follow up CD to be recorded in the coming months. Our amps are sucking up electricity, children and wimpy band members are donning ear protection, and some neighbors are getting very, very, nervous. We look forward to sharing an exciting new CD with ya’ll in 2004.

David Cowan is also performing solo acoustic sets at venues on the West Coast in support of the CD. "I enjoy playing the solo acoustic shows," Cowan recently stated, "it provides the listener an opportunity to hear the songs in the raw... as they were originally written."

An Ohio native, David has been performing with various acts in the greater Santa Barbara, California area since arriving on the scene in 1989. A sampling of acts he has contributed to includes Jah Bone, DNA, Jeff Bisch, Kate Bennett, Nicola Gordon, Earl, Jay Shobe, The Adobe, Tina Schlieske, and more.

David has been an active participant in Jim Messina's (Buffalo Springfield, Loggins and Messina, Poco) "Songwriters Performance Workshops." David was also a member of the "On The Couch" series at the Mint in Los Angeles as a singer/songwriter and back-line guitarist.