Happy 2007!

We're kicking off the New Year with a couple fine shows…

Claude Hopper & Trio Grande
Friday, January 19 – SOHO MUSIC CLUB
Trio Grande 9 pm set
Claude Hopper 10:30 pm set

1221 State Street, Santa Barbara – 805.962.7776
www.sohosb.com Make your dinner reservations now!

CLAUDE HOPPER - David Cowan, John McInnes, Andy Webb, Chris Ulep and Michael Rivers will play the first Claude Hopper show of 2007. We will be a celebrating big Js B-day!

We are pleased to share the night with our cohorts…

Trio Grande – featuring Alastair Greene, Smitty and Flash. Trio Grande throws down the finest in jaw droppin’ rip roarin’ classic blues rock. If you have a taste for Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, The Allman Bros, The Cream, The Grateful Dead and The more - you gonna’ like this.

Check out www.agsongs.com and

Claude Hopper & Jeff Caudill Band
Thursday, January 25 – ROCKS
Claude Hopper 9 pm set
Jeff Caudill Band 10 pm set

801 State Street, Santa Barbara – 805.884.1190

CLAUDE HOPPER - Downtown SB will be jumpin’ with the start of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. We are going to play a dangerously grand jangly rock set at Rocks. Indeed.

We are pleased to share the night with our cohorts...

Jeff Caudill Band – First met Jeff when he performed at the Lobero Theater for the renowned Sings Like Hell music series. The Jeff Caudill band is currently rocking about SoCal with their solid alt.country/indie.pop sound.

"Caudill comes through with winning, heart-on-sleeve urgency and sincerity that can call to mind Bob Mould, Live or Pearl Jam." - LA Times

“If evidence was ever needed that old punks don't die, they transform into singer-songwriters with an itch to scratch, Jeff Caudill personifies this. Cutting his teeth fronting acclaimed US pop-punkers Gameface, his solo career sees him ease his foot off the pedal and kick-back without losing any impact or bite…”
- Nick Quantrill, Joyzine/ThisIsUll

Check out www.jeffcaudill.com
and www.myspace.com/jeffcaudil

Visit us at www.myspace.com/claudehoppermusic.

Claude Hopper's latest “Finite Nature of Things":
Claude Hopper's debut "Four in the Morning":

or at iTunes:
Claude Hopper: The Finite Nature of Things

Claude Hopper: Four in The Morning

Thank you for supporting local independent music!
We hope to see you at the Cold Spring Tavern!